The Best Breweries in Sedona, AZ (+Beer Bars) - Drinking Abroad (2023)

Sedona's Best Breweries are super easy to visit in one day because there are only 2 actual breweries. Yes, you read that right: two.

While there are plenty of places to grab a beer in Sedona, you'll be hard pressed to find more than two breweries. Don't be fooled by all the other articles about the top 6 breweries.

When you're in Sedona, you'll likely be in the area to enjoy the scenery and things to do.short hikes in Sedona.And rightly so... it's incredibly beautiful. We like to take a walk ourselves and then head to a brewery or bar for a reward drink and Sedona has no shortage of places to do just that.

For the past few years, we've wintered in Arizona and spent a lot of time in Sedona and across the state, touring each city we visited. If you're on vacation, be sure to check out the breweries section below to sample even more local beers from the area.

Shortly?Here are the main conclusions:

  • There are only 2 breweries in Sedona despite what the internet says
  • Between the two "Best Breweries in Sedona", Sedona Brewing was our favorite
  • We have listed some great beer bars where you can try more local beers.

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Map of Sedona Breweries and Beer Bars

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Best Breweries in Sedona

The best breweries in Sedona are a pretty short list, as there are only two actual breweries. While you'll see Squid Ink in countless other articles, this is a members-only establishment, and sorry Charlie, you're not part of that club. If you don't believe us, here it is.Squid Ink's Facebook pageFor more informations.

Sedona breweries that you can visit and drink from are listed below.

1. Sedona Beer Company

The Best Breweries in Sedona, AZ (+Beer Bars) - Drinking Abroad (1)
The Best Breweries in Sedona, AZ (+Beer Bars) - Drinking Abroad (2)

One of two breweries in this beautiful city,Sedona Brewerymakes 'Beer around here'. And that means more than just a fun place to hang out and drink craft beer. It's about making beer that connects you to where you are.

What better way to do this than using malts grown and processed in the same region as Vale Verde?!

Sedona Beer Co. is also a certified sustainable company and uses squarrels (square barrels) to age its beers in barrels, using less wood and water than a standard keg, without compromising the integrity of the beer.

Located just behind all the hustle and bustle of downtown Sedona, the tasting room and brewery offers a full menu of food (including beer, cheese, and bacon fries . . . say) to go along with its diverse lineup.

Some of their beers include the Kölschture Shock (incredibly drinkable), Pink Drink (wheat beer with prickly pears, pomegranate, raspberry and honey) and the Honey Golden Barrel-Aged Sour, which was funky and delicious.

2. Oak Creek Brewing Co.

The Best Breweries in Sedona, AZ (+Beer Bars) - Drinking Abroad (3)

While the overall ambiance might feel a bit like you're drinking in your friend's turned home brewer's basement,Oak Creek Brewing Company. is Sedona's premier craft brewery and has been satisfying thirsty travelers for over 20 years.

The original location is just off the main road through Sedona, 89A, yet just a few miles from the madness of downtown.

The tasting room shares space with large fermentation tanks for that authentic “brewery” experience. An outdoor beer garden/patio is also perfect for the many live music events they organize throughout the year.

Oak Creek's tap menu is pretty standard, but all the beers are true to style and very good.

The Hefeweizen has all those banana and clove notes and at the time won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

The Nut Brown ale is incredibly tasty and a house favourite, while the King Crimson is a very malty and delicious Imperial red ale.

If you're closer to downtown Sedona, they also have a sister brewery of the same name. The second location has a delicious menu and the view of the red rock that Sedona is known for.

Breweries in Sedona

Now that you know the best breweries in Sedona (hehe), let's move on to some great breweries that offer other local beer options.

1. Sedona wine

Sedona wineit's a wine and craft beer bar about five minutes from the madness of downtown.

With over 19 craft beers available, this is a solid option if you want to sample even more Arizona craft beers. If draft beer doesn't quite meet your needs, they also have dozens of cans and bottles for you to browse in search of your perfect frothy treat.

They have a huge patio/patio in the back and have food available if you get hungry. We both enjoyed the caprese skewers for our snack.

If you're traveling with someone who doesn't like beer (and doesn't want to throw it away), Vino Di Sedona also has over 900 wines in its bottle shop and a pretty extensive wine list, as well as mead, cider, and cocktails.

We finally found a bottle we couldn't live without and took it home.

2. Pub Mooney's Ierse

Don't be fooled by that name,Pub Mooney's Iersewill surprise you with a great selection of craft beers. While their website doesn't mention anything about it, they have 16 local beer options for you to try.

To be well said: this place is not super polished. If you're looking for a place that doesn't have signs on the wall saying “Sluts Welcome” or “Titty Milk Dr”, you should skip this stop. It's not what we'd call diving, but it comes pretty close.

For what it's worth, in 2022 they were named the best bar/lounge in the Sedona area by Market Surveys of America.

They have live music and if you get hungry, a full menu as well. They are known for their burgers and we highly recommend trying the lamb burger if they have it.

While there aren't many breweries in downtown Sedona, it's still fun to visit after a day spent enjoying the beautiful red rocks.

There are a number of breweries (and wineries) in the area if you're looking for more local beer options.

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