The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (2023)


Radar detector analysis

Radar detector analysis

If you run a private investigation business or want to catch a cheating spouse with a GPS device, you may be wondering what are the best real-time vehicle tracking devices. Seeking clarity and consensus, our review team tested several different GPS units and spoke with private researchers in the research industry who had real-world use cases to find out what the best vehicle trackers are. The top-rated all-in-one device for enterprise investigations and data capture.cheating spouseit was the SpaceHawk GPS, but there were other security systems worth mentioning. Here is our top 5 list.private investigator gps tracking devices!

1. SpaceHawk private investigator for cheating

The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (1)

Main features:

  1. Nearly undetectable with magnetic backing so you can hide GPS under a car (waterproof)
  2. Turns on when the car starts moving to save battery (2-3 weeks of power)
  3. 4G LTE vehicle locator that any citizen can legally buy
  4. Secretly track someone's car without them knowing on their cell phone


How much does a private investigator cost? Only $89 when you use this state of the art real time GPS tracking system. SpaceHawk is the #1 vehicle tracker for catching a cheating husband or wife and is widely used by investigative companies. Simply place the SpaceHawk GPS device under any car and view trips from cell phones, computers, or any Internet-enabled device. There is no better tool on the market to catch a cheater.


The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (2)

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What buyers are saying about SpaceHawk

With the SpaceHawk portable GPS, there's no need tohire private investigatorsor private investigator firms! The latest spy device, the SpaceHawk, can be attached to any vehicle, making it easy to collect evidence of corporate fraud, trace missing persons, or arrest any husband and wife having an affair.

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2. Longer battery life Everlast Nano GPS

The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (3)

Main features:

  1. Longest battery life of any GPS technology (138 hours with extended battery)
  2. Widely used by law enforcement
  3. Process servers store data in the cloud for easy access
  4. Affordable monthly rates ($24.95 per month)


Hire a private investigator for child support orchild custodyit can gain you a lot of valuable information, but if you want to do the investigative work yourself, EverLast GPS is the security system for you. Designed by Brickhouse Security with an extended battery in a waterproof casing, this live GPS tracker will provide approximately 4 months of real-time monitoring!

What buyers are saying about the EverLast Nano

“Battery life with the extra large battery lasted several months, I charged it once, plugged it in and put it under my car, it's been there ever since and still has over half a battery! Keep running strong!”



  • 5-star rating (71%)

  • 1 star rating (8%)

4.4 out of 5 stars

3. Tile Mate for private detectives

The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (4)

Main features:

  1. Very small and only $29.95
  2. Little logic is needed to handle the setup


(Video) 👉 Can a Private Investigator Track Someone With a GPS Tracker?

When it comes to GPS tracking, Tile is a top seller (50,000 Amazon reviews) and therefore made our list due to consumer demand. However, the tracker has some shortcomings, such as location services that always have to be turned on in your mobile app, Wi-Fi connection, and other design flaws. That being said, the product information is pretty clear as this really isn't the best vehicle tracking device for investigators, regardless of the number of reviews online.

What buyers are saying about Tile Mate

One Amazon shopper stated:"My husband can find his keys now."and the specialisthe likes the pcgave the mini GPS tracker 3.5 out of 5 stars.



  • 5-star rating (77%)

  • 1 star rating (4%)

4.6 out of 5 stars

4. TK Star Vehicle Tracker

The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (5)

Main features:

  1. waterproof casing
  2. Provide concrete evidence of driving activity.


The Supreme Court has changed federal laws governing police and IPs must acquire a warrant or obtain a warrant before concealing a tracking device in a car so as not to violate a person's fourth amendment rights. So make sure you follow all legal rules before using this micro tracker that can be easily hidden under any vehicle.

What buyers say about TK Star GPS

One Amazon reviewer stated:“I loved it, it was easy to set up, I suggest using an andriod to start the sim card, then add data to it and a text plan, it will tell you everything you expect from a GPS. I'm impressed".However, according toGoal review, TK Star GPS got an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.



  • 5-star rating (54%)

  • 1 star rating (21%)

3.7 out of 5 stars

(Video) 📡 How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracking Device Private Investigator Training Video | TSCM Bug Sweep

5. LandAirSea 54 Hidden GPS Car Tracker

The 5 Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators (6)

Main features:

  1. Free technical support from Monday to Friday
  2. Trusted Manufacturer (LandAirSea Systems)


LandAirSea has provided covert GPS tracking devices to help private investigators conduct surveillance operations for nearly 20 years. One of their best all-round products is a GPS device called the 54.

What Buyers Are Saying About LandAirSea GPS 54

“Connected to the network immediately. I mounted it under the trailer hook a foot away from the read bumper, no tracking issues so far. I like the playback function, it gives you an idea of ​​the trip history on the map, very useful. I also tested the geofence and got an immediate alert when the car left the fenced area.”



  • 5-star rating (64%)

  • 1 star rating (12%)

4.1 out of 5 stars

What tracking devices do private investigators use?

Private detectives use a wide range of surveillance tools to conduct investigations, but the security product they use the most to catch a cheater ismagnetic gps tracker. The reason why wireless GPS trackers with magnetic mounts are preferred by private investigators is that they allow any IP to quickly and easily connect the GPS tracker under a car without the driver knowing. Not to mention the legal reasons that make it illegal for a private investigator to break into a person's car without first obtaining a search warrant.

How do private investigators track people?

Most private detectives are actually former law enforcement officers, such as retired police officers or some other type of government agent. But the reality is that PIs don't have the same wide range of investigative skillssurveillance toolsas active enforcement of the law. However, investigators still have many more tools and skills than ordinary citizens. Private investigators can access social media accounts, interview friends/co-workers, access databases, and usepersonal gps tracking devicesto track people. They are also very adept at accessing public records so they can quickly access a target's name, phone number, address, social security information, and other personal details. Finally, ask any private investigator and they will tell you that he has a lot of friends in law enforcement and that you can ask him for a "favor" if you need to find something out of the public domain.

final thoughts

Before using any hidden GPS tracker, it is important to understand thegps lawin your specific area. Purchasing real-time GPS trackers is 100% legal, but the way a person uses their spouse's GPS for mobile tracking may be illegal. That is why you should contact a licensed attorney or private investigator before using any personal tracking GPS surveillance system.

(Video) 5 GPS Trackers For Cars To Catch Cheating Partners | How Can I Secretly Track My Husband?


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